Period Positive

May 28, 2016

Menstruation in much of the world involves enormous gender inequality that hurts people.  


In India, it's taboo to hang cloth pads out to dry, which puts women in a difficult spot, especially when privacy is limited.


Women often are not allowed to enter temples for worship when they're on their period.  


Girls often miss school when they're on their period because of taboos and shame, which leads to less education opportunity and generally disempowers their future.  


Because of lack of education and resources, girls and women often use unsanitary rags etc. during their period, resulting in infection.  


The average woman will use 160 pads or tampons per year, which is a lot of environmental waste and money spent.  Plus, disposable pads have potentially harmful chemicals.  


Shomota (meaning equality in Bengali) is a a social business and education platform in Kolkata that my friends run.  They sell reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups online.  Shomota provides empowering work for people and also runs seminars for girls and women about how to understand their bodies.  Essentially, it's a very holistic business that everyone can benefit from, and you can be a part of it by trying out their products.  The relationship of environment, business, and education just goes to show how we are all connected.  Shomota gives us a great opportunity to consume more ethically, and that's something to celebrate!


Please consider checking out their business:



God of life, we celebrate the opportunities to promote dignity and health for people who live in shame and vulnerability.  We celebrate opportunities to join them for a healthier world.























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