A children's book

about empathy.

(Ages 6-12)

The Magic Light Children's Book by David Nagai and Reia Gray | Empathy for kids | Compassion for kids | Nonviolent communicatin for kids

“The Magic Light is the kind of book that becomes a childhood classic. Deeply meaningful, overflowing with love, and desperately needed in our divided communities today. Use this book to teach your kids empathy for others, and the world will be a better place.”

-Craig Greenfield, Founder of Alongsiders International (www.alongsiders.org)

In a world so divided, how can we encourage our children to grow in empathy and compassion towards people who seem different from them?


This book follows Casey as he uses his magic light to see into the hearts of children he has a hard time with, allowing him to see their story and pain.


Readers will be drawn into an everyday school life similar to their own, meet diverse characters, and learn with Casey that the magic power of empathetic understanding and listening is within them.


Use this book as a springboard to think creatively of ways to use nonviolent communication (NVC) and empathy in the home or at school, to foster a more inclusive, compassionate, and loving world.

A children's book

about God's 



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How Jesus shows us more of God's...








ABout the Book

Is God Nice? portrays God’s radical inclusion and compassion in everyday scenes that kids can easily relate to.  The second half transitions to how Jesus reveals God’s love more fully for us to see.  The reader is left knowing that God’s love is endless, and that we can participate in this mystery as we continue to discover God’s love all around us. 

This book is meant to initiate conversation, questions and creative action.  Consider this resource to be a spark that ignites the potential in our kids as they imagine a more compassionate world. 

(ages 5-10)

Why I Created This Book

1)  Promote a healthy understanding of God.

Our understanding of God deeply shapes our actions.  Jesus shattered people's perception of God as violent and exclusive through nonviolent, inclusive compassion.  He showed us God's endless love that lives within us, in others and that is bursting forth everywhere.


Many of us are trying to help the next generation understand God as fundamentally peaceful, compassion and inclusive.  A God that’s both male and female, comprehensible enough to follow yet mysterious beyond our boxes.  We want our kids to respect different ways of viewing God so they can appreciate the common yearning for God’s love that unites us all.  I hope that the tangible ideas and challenging questions in the book spark the imagination of our kids as they discover the Divine for themselves. 


2)  Create a more loving world.

My hope is to spur on practical action with this book.  So, I provide metaphors for God and God’s love within everyday situations that kids can relate to.  These images give kids an example of how to be inclusive and compassionate, but also act as a springboard for more creative ways to actively participate in changing their world.

May this book challenge and inspire both parents and children to step boldly into God’s love that knows no end or borders. 

-David Nagai
 Yokohama, Japan

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